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Cinnamon's Wake

Nov. 02, 2000

Watch Gilmore Girls Online: 1x5

During their weekly dinner at Emily’s, Lorelai learns of her cousin Claudia’s funeral, but as she didn’t know the woman, she doesn’t want to go. The next day Rory reminds Lorelai of the Chilton bake sale, and on their way out they meet their neighbors Babette and Morey out walking their cat Cinnamon. Dean surprises Rory at the bus stop and rides with her for a little bit, telling her “”Goodbye, Lorelai Gilmore”” as he leaves. At the Chilton bake sale, Lorelai sees Max Medina and is cold to him, but after he tells her that he wants to help Rory and be friends, she agrees to meet him for coffee. Rory “”accidentally”” runs into Dean at the market, and is teased by Miss Patty for it. Lorelai meets with Max, who says that they should date. Lorelai thinks it’s a bad idea. Max proceeds to tell her that they are attracted to each other, and after a sad story about seizing the day, Lorelai agrees to dinner. Max leaves her with “”Goodbye, Lorelai Gilmore,”” leaving her just as flustered as Rory was wh

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